Cheap London Escorts Answer Fetish Questions

Silicone sex dolls are now becoming popular the world over. But, before you give up dating London escorts and buy your own silicone sex doll, there are a few things that you need to know. Dating London escorts is still very popular and most men do not want to give it up. However, in these somewhat uncertain times, there are many men who are beginning to explore the alternatives to dating and spending time with London escorts.

Spending Time With A Silicon Sex Doll

Am I going to get the same kick out of spending time with my silicone sex doll as I get out of dating London escorts? The simple answer to that is no. But then again, there are some that would argue that spending time with a silicone sex doll can give you a lot of pleasure as well. Maybe the best way to look at your silicone sex toy is as an add-on. You can still carry on dating London escorts and enjoying their company while you get to know a bit more about your silicone sex doll.

Are Sex Dolls More Expensive Than Dating London Escorts?

The concept of a silicone sex doll is completely different from dating London escorts. Unlike escorts in London you can’t rent a silicone sex doll per hour. Instead, once you have bought your silicone sex doll, she is yours to keep. You can do whatever you want with your sex doll and she is not going to protest. Be aware that sex dolls, especially high quality sex dolls, are expensive to invest in. So before you give up dating London escorts, you want to do a price comparison.

Can I Kiss My Silicone Doll?

By all means, you can kiss your silicone doll. Are you going to get the same pleasure as out of kissing a girl from a cheap London escorts agency? Well, that is sort of the ten million dollar question. In general, you are probably not going to get the same pleasure out of kissing your silicone sex doll as you will out of kissing your favorite girl from your London escorts agency. There will certainly not be any tongues involved.

Any Other Downsides To Silicone Sex Dolls?

Yes, there are other downsides to spending your time with a silicone sex doll. It goes without saying that this gorgeous bit of silicone will not be able to talk to you. If you like to have a bit of a chat, you are better of sticking to dating London escorts. Also, a silicone sex doll can’t give you a massage. Most gents who enjoy the company of escorts in London often like to enjoy a massage. On top of that, you need to remember you need to keep your silicone sex doll clean. The girls at London escorts are fully capable of taking their own showers or asking you to help them.

The idea of having of having a silicone sex doll may seem appealing but you need to make sure it is the right solution for you.

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