Secrets in bed

When your relationship lasts for a long time already, sex turns into a routine. On the one hand, you got used to each other, and you are comfortable in many ways, but on the other hand – it obviously reduces sexual desire. With these sex tips, you can revive the spark that united you once. Here are a few ideas from ladies from Victoria Escorts of on how to diversify sex life.


Sexual odors


Lucie suggests: even a usual sex in a familiar (and loved) classic position can become more interesting if you add some aphrodisiacs. I will list the most exciting essential oils:

  • Bergamot;
  • Cloves;
  • Jasmine;
  • Ginger;
  • Cedar;


The use of essential oils evokes sensuality in various ways.


Aromatic bath. Jasmine from Victoria escorts knows well how to mix about 5-7 drops of essential oil you choose with a bath foam or sea salt. Dissolve the substance in a not too hot bath and go there with your husband (pick a time when the child is not at home, otherwise he may catch you).


Massage. Mix a few drops of essential oils with massage oil and use this mixture for a relaxing and exciting erotic massages.


Oil burner. Fill the aroma lamp with warm water, add a few drops of essential oil and light the candle. Sexy odor will instantly fill the bedroom.


Sexy underwear

To diversify the intimate life with your husband, wear beautiful sexy lingerie, to which many women are always saving the money. Of course, you can spend that amount on family needs, but your husband (and yourself!) also need to look at the beauty, even if you already have been married for a hundred years – that is what Ann from Victoria Escorts suggests.


Dessert bed

Classics of the genre is to use whipped cream in the cylinder during sex. You can also “serve” yourself with grape, kiwi slices and chocolate. These naughty caresses would immediately raise the degree of passion in bed.



One of the favorite tools of Katie for Victoria Escorts is this option. For role-playing games you will need to purchase costumes (they can be found in online stores or sex shops). Choose a story and act: today you can meet your husband in the role of a nurse, and tomorrow – a guilty schoolgirl. By the way, men usually love the last option.



If you “turn off” one of the senses of your husband, others will be much more sensible. I suggest that during the prelude you should ask your man to wear a black mask. To improve the effect, and you can close as well your eyes to heighten sensations.


If you both wear masks, then I do not recommend to go beyond the bed, because you have a possibility to inadvertently stumble on a nightstand and do not injure yourself on the sharp corner of the bed. It is desirable to impose with blankets and pillows, for a “blind” sexual act to not end with injuries.


Girls from Victoria Escorts really hope that you will try one of these options and share the experiences later.

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